Recently a friend of mine started a Youtube channel with his brother where they make a few sketches based on a theme. They are fantastic artists and you should check out that channel here. I on the other hand am a mediocre artist, but I was inspired by the sketches on the channel to pull out my old cheapo wacom & give it a shot. I plugged it in, installed the drivers, downloaded Krita, & started sketching.

It felt like drawing left handed. I could barely form a circle. When I mentioned this to that friend above he encouraged me to push through it. This is my attempt at doing that. Each day in May I'll be making a sketch based on a theme & posting it here. Basically like Inktober but in May and for digital art instead of ink. I'll just keep updating this post as I go. I may miss a day here or there but I'll try to make it up & keep as close to up to date as possible. Regardless this page will have 31 terrible drawings on it. Hopefully there will be visible progress from day 1 to day 31! It would be difficult to not get a little better than I am now. These will be super quick sketches but the goal isn't to make some incredible art piece, but to actually get better at sketching on this dang pad!

Andrew Napierkowski

Professional Software Engineer | Hobbyist Game Developer