Doodle Shader in Monogame with Nez

If you have seen any of my games so far you know that art is not my biggest strength. I have found that having a unique style (such as 1-bit) is a helpful restriction which gets much better art out of me. My animations are okay, but the line art is always terrible. Anyway with the 2019 Global Game Jam fast approaching, I thought I would look around for some interesting art style ideas. I stumbled on a doodle shader when looking at some interesting game gifs (think of the style of that old Cartoon Network show Home Movies) and with a little googling found this awesome post with great reusable code.

Diving quickly into warping that from a Unity-specific shader to a general HLSL shader I could use in Monogame with Nez, I found the code was quite clean. Like, really easy to plug and play with my own shader. Basically just ended up stripping out the Unity3D specific stuff and plopping it in worked great! The comments on general value ranges also helped tremendously, can't recommend the post itself enough! This took all of 20 min to implement including spinning up a new project/git repo.

Doodle shader in action!

If you just want to check out the Monogame version of the code yourself, here's the Github

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